The 8x ROI Email Funnel That Built A $4,000,000 Business

The exact emails, tracking and trust based selling

Today on the blog I will be breaking down the bread and butter of my first multi-million dollar business ( More importantly I will be focusing on the #1 driver behind it’s success…LTV (long term value) based email marketing with an epic email funnel. Most people think businesses like this have complicated automations and some advanced business “edge”.

That could NOT be any farther than the truth. My entire business comes down to buying leads for less than $8 and sending them down a funnel that has changed very little over 2 years! That’s it. It’s easy and borderline passive….

Check it out in the video below

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Hands down one of the most simple UI and the most needed automation funnel creating process

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Nice! =)

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How do you actually get the free trial account? The button doesn't work

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Sick Dood

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Beautiful website!

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Alex Becker, well done... Thank you very much to share always great contents..

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