How I Generated A List of 100k+ Emails Off Facebook

Explosive email marketing made possible by the ads...

Today on the blog I will be covering what I consider to be on of the essentials to email marketing…Buying ads…In a smart-like way to build an email list.

Look…If you can consistently buy opt in for $2-$4 on Facebook but turn a $8-(in my case)$22+ ROI on them you are LITERALLY printing money. Now, I covered how to get this ROI in the last post. Today I want to cover the advertising strategy behind it. The thing is once you have your LTV it is comically simple to build a very large list of interested leads. All you have to do is get the CPL (cost per lead) below your CPL, increase your ad spend and press GO in Facebook…

Here’s how to do it


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Really looking forward to the video for building a consulting business/agency.

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I never, ever comment on blog posts, but I'm making an exception because that was gold. It told me EXACTLY what I needed to change to reduce my cost per conversion! Appreciate it

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Thanks for article!

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Thanks Becker. You da man ;-)

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